Replace an ExperiaBox v.8 with a v.10 router

  • 29 mei 2017
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I just moved to the Netherlands and I decided to apply for a Telfort Glasvezel contract.
The connection quality is pretty good: when connected through a LAN cable I get a stable 50Mb/s but when using Wi-Fi I can't reach speeds higher than 10Mb/s. I tried every possible Wi-Fi channel but there are too many networks transmitting over the 2.4Ghz band (over 30) in my area. Of course the router is in 802.11n only mode.
I received the ExperiaBox v.8 but I red that some customers received the ExperiaBox v. 10 that is 5Ghz capable: this feature would be a godsend.
I know that this is not a standard procedure but would it be possible to change my v.8 for a v.10? It would be much appreciated!


3 reacties

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Hi espositodnl86, right now I can't give you an indication wether or not I will be able to send you a V10 modem in the near future. We can look into the wireless connection and see how we can optimize the connection. But given the amount of wireless connections in the area I don't know if we can make a major difference.

For example:
Have you tried placing your Experiabox V8 near the area where you use your wifi the most?
Have you set up your wireless connection on a channel with the least other wireless connections?
Does resetting the Experiabox enhance the wireless speed?
Hi Wieger and thanks for getting back to me!

Would this be possible in the next weeks / months?
I really don't want to pay other 50€ considered that almost every provider out there gives a 5Ghz capable router (KPN, Ziggo, even Tele2).

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Hi espositodnl86, welcome to the Telfort forum. Unfortunately I can't send you a V10 modem right now. A good alternative would be to buy our wifi repeater. When you connect this device via an UTP cable you have 5Ghz coverage in your home. An additional advantage is that you can place the wifi repeater near the location where you use wifi the most.