Broadband physical link is down

Dear Telfort,

My new contract starts on the January 11th, so I guess I should be able to use the internet today.
However, my Experia Box V10 modem shows no internet connection, also service light is red.
When I try to connect to the modem on Wifi, it shows the "Your broadband physical link is down.
Please check your DSL, Ethernet or 3G/4G uplink connection status." message.
I tried "hoofdaansluiting" and also tried directly connecting the modem in the meter cabinet.

Could you please check what could be the issue?

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The meter cabinet is probably the hoofd aansluiting. Is the service light still red it might take some time you could use the herstel button on the front that might help.
Dear Galdor,

Issue is the same today as well, pressinh the Herstel button makes Service led blinking red.
I also tried to reset the modem but did not help.
Any other idea?
If all cables correctly are connected fill out(or in) de klantgevens in youre Profiel here when you're question is first in line the moderator could help you out.
Dear Galdor,

I updated my profile, let me know if you need more information.
Not sure if it helps to find the issue, but the 2 leds (L1/L2) beside DSL port don’t show any lights when cable is connected...
Thanks in advance!
Hi Gabor_Vass

I am also a customer, but the Telfort webcare team should have the needed information.
Those are the phone rj11 connector indicator leds usualy they only show light when a phone is connected, but i have a fiber connection so not really sure about those leds they could indicate something else.
Is the Experia connected to any of these.

All customer questions are answerd in order of entry so you have to be patience or use any of the other Contact options but most are not 24/7 availlable or monitored.

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Hello @gabor_vass, welkom to our Telfort board! When you start a new subscription, you expect it to work on the agreed date. I've checked the order and the signal seems to be there. Is the connection you used one of the ones pictured in Galdor's post? Those are the most common hoofdaansluitingen. When your house was build prior to 1990, it should be in the meter cabinet. If it was build later, it's most likely in the livingroom. I look forward to your response.
Dear Jasper,

I have the connector in the living room, so I tried that one. Since it didn't work, I removed outlet, and connected the red and blue wires as described in the instruction guide, but did not help.
I've already contacted with custom service, and engineer will come tomorrow to see what the issue is.
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Hi Gabor, since that didn't work, there might be something else causing this. I see a log from the call yesterday, it happend just minutes after my previous reply so I couldn't see it then. The appointment is sheduled for this afternoon, will you let us know the outcome?
The engineer fixed the wires in the meter cabinet, now internet is working.
Thanks for the help!