Set up my own router instead of ExperiaBox v8

  • 9 april 2020
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Hi there!


Hope everyone’s safe and doing well!


I recently bought an TP-Link AC1200 hoping to replace the ExperiaBox V8 that came in with the fiber optic internet subscription and I need some help with setting it up properly.


Here’s what I did:

  1. unplugged the ExperiaBox from the LAN cable coming from the Fiber router;
  2. plugged the cable into the WAN port of the TP-Link;
  3. went through the setup of the TP-Link (dynamic IP, no MAC cloning);
  4. got a WiFi to the router;
  5. did not get any traffic going into the TP-Link;
  6. cloned the Experia MAC & IP addresses into the TP-Link’s settings;
  7. same result, no internet.


Furthermore, I could not even set up the TP-Link as an access point! Having it plugged into one of the LAN posrts of the Experia, it looked as if the Experia did not even detect there was anything connected to it. I went through a detailed setup of the TP-Link as an access point, following the official manual, still no success.


Later on, I came across this page, listing the necessary setup for Fiber-optics, but I cannot find most of these settings into the TP-Link’s menus. What’s even more odd is that the TP-Link does not even accept the start & end of the DHSP server IP pool (pool Start IP:, pool End IP: and gives me an error.


Ideally, I want to use the TP-Link as my main router and not use the Experia at all. If that’s not possible, I’d like to try using it as an access point and not use the Experia’s WiFi functionality. 


If anyone can give me a helping hand in setting up the TP-Link, I’d appreciate it immensely!


I’ve had problems with the Experia for 3 years and I’m not going to go through that in detail. I just want to stop using it.


Thank you in advance & looking forward to hearing back!




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about the screenshot - this was taken right after the router was factory-reset via the small button on the back, so I’d assume it would have been a dynamic one. also, I haven’t set it to static myself.

Strange, because as written for a WAN IP address not a logic IP address at all.
And in a different sub-net range of the Experia Box itself. So also an IP not given by the Experia Box. (The reason I suspect a static given IP address was set. But if it is known to be static, it is not difficult to change it anyway to dynamic by yourself by the menus. See comments further down).

Lately also another user at the forum had bought a TP-Link.   After some tiny hints (he tried to login by WiFi but didn't know the password), and I suggest just to try by cable connection, he was very surprised it worked right away (as a second router NAT behind NAT) by default settings.
Although another model TP-Link. Could be tiny basic differences among several types??

And (by reading the manual) you couldn't manage it by just looking to the “Quick Setup” wizard??
Also there is an “Auto detect” internet connection helping button if you wish to set manually.
So more possibilities in helping ads for set-up. Seems very straight forward explaining for novices.
It looks like the most common situations are covered to arrive to a positive and valid set-up.
(As for this kind of connection, indirectly behind a known router or modem of an ISP).

about the screenshot - this was taken right after the router was factory-reset via the small button on the back, so I’d assume it would have been a dynamic one. also, I haven’t set it to static myself.


it looks like the Experia gives this IP to the tp-link by default, as it shows up everytime I try the Access Point mode.


Anyway, the tp-link is now packed and I’m returning it tomorrow.

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By the first screen-shot I wonder if you have set a “static” IP address for the WAN port?
The status of the IP address what is shown, is that of the WAN-port ???
(As the local network settings of the router are made by the third menu at the left side).

What is shown could be a setting of your previous trial to set up the router??
At least not a logical value as for default factory settings, nor as IP address for WAN. By that no surprise that you have no valid internet connection, or even a connection at all to the Experia Box.

Better to reset the device to factory default settings by a bend paperclip into the reset-hole.

See manual page 4   < PDF manual >

And make a fresh start-over.

Thanks for the extensive response!


To be honest, I don’t think the problem is in me ;) 

I know it’s a very basic setup and it should work out of the box and that’s why I’m so surprised that I’m having such problems with it!


I’ve attached a few images - see that I’ve connected the two routers correctly and I'm still not getting any internet. this is all done after restarting the computer, as you said, as well as trying to browse with other devices.


You are correct to assume I don’t need any phone or TV connection, I don't use these services and indeed I only need the internet.


I’ll go through the resources you shared and do some research. It’s really unfortunate that solving this is so difficult.


Thank you for your help again!



tp-link after setup & restart of computer
connection between the two routers
the Experia UI - the tp-link is not listed as connected to the Experia


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Strange you don’t get internet by the TP-Link device by the Access Point method. As it really is the most simple and easy way by changing the working method for the device as can be possible.

I know, as I have bought a TP-Link for a friend of me a few weeks ago, using it as an Access Point, to set-up by the same method. Even by just unboxing and by factory settings, as a second “router” connecting to the Experia Box, there already should be a positive internet connection.

To set for “Access Point” mode as from the YouTube movie starting at  02:42 minutes
(The point within the menu as for choosing, is at 03:20 minutes). That's all as for the basics!!
Just restart your computer, as the old local IP-address of your PC is not valid any-more.
(By Access Point mode, the sub-net of Experia Box is used now, not that of the TP-Link).
Afterwards change WiFi credentials as to your personal likings and other personal fine-tuning.

If this is already to difficult for you setting up a device by the right method, and not successfully,
I have my doubts if you can set-up a far more sophisticated router device that do have the proper specs for replacing the Experia Box?

In that respect of by more easy set-up, only one brand could be of choice.
Fritzbox, as these models do have a special “Telfort profile” which can be chosen.
Best by choosing the latest model of it = Fritzbox 7590.


Other router brands that can be used, do have (far) more difficult set-up for the proper settings.

E.g. as for Ubiquity Edgerouter:
(for internet only not all description is needed).

-- See personal website by “”
-- See personal website by ”W v't Hoog”
-- See personal website by "Rob Smulders”  (lot settings taken over from "” ).

As for DrayTek (for internet only not all description is needed).
Is the situation as for “KPN”.   For Telfort some differences has to be taken into account.
PDF (Dutch language however):


If only “internet” is needed, without the use of KPN/Telfort IPTV services
and excluding VOIP / analogue telephone connection (RJ11 ports).
Also routers of “Synology” can be used. By some easy manual settings.
(Me myself am using devices from Synology).

As a general note. Each brand and model do have their own strong capabilities and benefits, but also their disadvantages. So very important to know which needs and services you want to use.

Hey there @Babylonia 


Thank you so much for the quick response!

Your message was more helpful than tp-link’s and telfort’s support combined…


Unfortunately, setting up the AC1200 as an access point is still unsuccessful - I went through the steps in the PDF and in this video but there’s still no internet. :(

The Internet LED on the ac1200 is on when the LAN cable from the Experia is plugged into the WAN port and the LAN port of the Experia is blinking as if there’s traffic going on, but at the same time, the UI of the AC1200 shows there’s no connection to the internet.

I think the only option now is to call it quits and return the AC1200…


Would you be so kind to recommend a router that does support configuring all the settings that telfort requires? I really really need to replace the Experia, as it’s interfering with my work quite a bit! 




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Unfortunately the TP-Link AC1200 is not sophisticated enough to replace the Experia Box router.
The internet services as of KNP /Telfort (and all other ISP's) are using VLAN ID’s and sub-nets.
This can not be set in detail by the TP-Link AC1200.

But for using the TP-Link AC1200 as an Access Point, it should be no problem.
Just a special “Access Point” mode by an easy menu choice.
See manual page 19   < PDF manual >