Problems with the internet

Hi, I wanted to ask about a problems I’m having with my GB. Even though there’s no problem with the bills of my abonnement, the internet it’s not working if I am not with WiFi.

Can I please know how to solve this?


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@Gita Vata Leon Did you check the internet settings in your phone? You can do that on this website. Choose your brand > type phone > instructies & handleidingen > Internet > Handmatig instellen. After changing/adding settings save the settings and turn he phone off and on.
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Hi Gita Vata Leon, welcome to our Forum. I understand your mobile data isn't working. That's too bad.

I see Koffiemok already asked you to check the setting. Have you already took al look at them? Does it help? If not, do you have the possiblity to test your simcard in another phone? Do you have internet? If not your simcard is probably the problem. On the website you can read how to order a new. When you have internet with the other phone the settings are probably incorrect. If you don't know how to set them, you can always go to one of our stores. My colleague set them correctly for you.