Lease?? I did not informed when I purchase my mobilephone.

  • 16 november 2015
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Dear Telfort,

Sorry for writing in English but I do not know Dutch language..

I have requested to disconnect my mobile phone on 21st of October.

Some days later, I received a letter that I have to return my mobilephone to Telfort. So I started to research why I have to return my mobile phone that I paid the installment in every month.

So now I found that Telfort had a lease sales but it stopped on September 2014. I was stunned that I never knew that phone I purchased was actually leased. I never heard this info from the Telfort clerk who helped me when decided to use this phone. Additionally, there was no mentioning in relation to 'lease' in my monthly invoice neither.

I also had another Telport mobile that I start to use since October 2015 but it was okay that I checked now it is not leased one.

So now I am very upset that if I knew my deal was lease and have to return my phone to Telfort then I absolutely did not select this service to use. I am not sure whether it was the only way I can use Telfort service and no other options such as monthly installments like others at the moment, but I am feeling it is obviously misleading the customer and would like to report this to Consumer protection authority like ConsuWijzer...

I was trying to email to customer service but it keeps error

Please consider and hope you have your prompt reply.

Many thanks.

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Dear sigmanner, welcome to our forum! It's a pity that you didn't know you were making use of toestellease. Please send me your name, address and mobile phone number in a private messagee so I can help you further.