Cannot make call to French service number

Hi there,

according to Telfort I should be able to make unrestricted calls to any EU country.
But I cannot call the service number for the French train operator SNCF.

+33 892 353535

I can call this number using other telephone service providers. So the number works.
The Telfort client service confirmed that my phone is not blocked.

Can you tell me why I cannot call the SNCF service number? I need to call them to buy a train ticket. Thank you.

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Hi fritzkohle, welcome to our Forum. I understand you can't call the French train operator, that's too bad. You tell me your phone is not blocked. So I called our Technicians. My colleague tried to call the number, he also couldn't reach the number. So your phone or simcard is definately not the problem. Unfortunately he couldn't exactly say what it is. It could be a problemen by SNCF or you maybe dialed the wrong number in a kind of way. I sorry I can't give you anymore information.
Hi Jurgen

thanks - well here is the thing: I have a dual sim phone. The other sim is a german sim.
With that sim i was able to make the call. So the number definitely works.
My wife also has a Telfort sim. So we tried it with her phone as well. And it did not work.

So to sum it up:

My Telfort Sim does not work.
My wives Telfort does not work.
My German Congstar sim works.
The French number works.

It would be great if you could take this back to your engineering team. The reason: I signed up for a telfort account that allows me to make unrestricted calls. That includes French numbers as well.

What do you expect me to do if I am abroad or need to buy another ticket and all I have is my phone? I think its only fair enough that the Telfort account works as promised. Don't you think?


Fritz Kohle
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I agree Fritz. I know the number works. But not with our simcard. The technician also tried a KPN number, it also didn't work. Because is just one particular number he concluded that the problem is not on our side, but probably on the French side. So we cannot help, sorry.

Or are there more French number or other numbers outside the Netherlands you can't reach?