Cancelling contract due to lack of coverage?

  • 17 mei 2012
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Firstly, apologies for writing this in English, but I'm a foreign student and my written Dutch isn't very good yet.

I currently have a two year sim-only contract with Telfort but I live near the border and so can't always get Telfort coverage. Instead it switches to a Belgian company which means I can't access 3G and, I'm assuming, get charged extra for phone calls etc. Is it possible to cancel my contract over this, or do I have any other options? I haven't just moved here, this is the address I gave when I signed up for the contract, so I would have assumed if there was a problem with mobile coverage here then they would have let me know. It's just that currently I'm paying for a phone contract that I can barely use because of this.


2 reacties

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Have you tried setting the mobile network to manual selection and then selecting KPN? (instead of auto-selection).
I can confirm Erikk solution ( and regarding coverage ,although i am not a telfort grouppie i see very often collegues complaining about signal strength ,i never had this problem on telfort).