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  • 16 juli 2019
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Hello, I am Umer Hayat and I am a full stack web developer. about 3 days ago i have been invited to an interview via that will be conducted for Telfort communications by Sara Ao Xiaomei and after that i received a confirmation letter from the company by

Sam Anderson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources & Administration Division
Telfort Telecommunications Company

Please confirm these are these authorities really from the company and is this letter true?

5 reacties

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Hi Umer, I understand that you want to make sure if this invitation is legit. I would like to help you with confirming this invitation, but unfortunately I'm not able to. This is a forum for Telfort customers, about our products and services. I'd advise you to use the contact information in the letter or invite for the interview, that way the right person can help you with your question. I hope everything will be cleared up soon and good luck!
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I need to tell something to umer hayat
I also had invitation for interview from same person Mrs Sara Ao xiaomei. And the company was GS caltex oil corporation and they gave me conformation letter for the job and asked for 275 dollors. Now u can understand what i am tryimg to tell!
My email id is ( )
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Funny thing... Umer is warning Umer888 but looking at the person(s) on the photo in the avatar it's one and the same person.

@Natasja - Telfort
Can we consider this post as some sort of spam and remove it..?
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Yes its shows my name umer here but i am not umer.My name is different rather than umer.
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In that case... scams