• 23 maart 2020
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Hello, I am moving to new house by the end of the month and would like to take my current Telfort subscription with me to new place. I've already applied via "mijn telfort" week ago, but I am also aware about current situation with coronavirus. For the same reason I have to work from home now and internet is VERY important for me and my partner. So I’m a bit worrying now that I’ll be without internet after moving. Is it possible to speed-up somehow activation of internet at new place? I'm IT engineer myself and familiar with networking. I can do all connection myself without involving onsite mounter.

5 reacties

This is what I have at new place: 


Ok, from my research this type of media-converter is used in T-Mobile. Does it mean I have to take with me existing mediaconverter (top part of white box)? 


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Hi @Sergio11, I totally understand how important the internet is, especially these days. Working from home is a hot topic. 

Thank you for the photo's. You leave the media converter in your old house. It belongs to that house. At your new place is already a media converter, the black box. So when the subscription is moved, you can plug in the yellow LAN cable in the WAN port of the modem and it should work. So everything is prepared yet. 

I also like to take a look when you subscription actually will be moved. Or do you already received confirmation of that date? If not will you please fill in your profile with old and new zipcode + housenumber? 

Hello @Bart - Telfort 

I put all details in “extra” field of my profile, please check if you can see it.

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I see a mechanic is planned for tomorrow between 1000-1200 hours. This is also the plan date. I'm not sure the mechanic will come phisically, but he will definitely call you.