Service ID request

  • 15 september 2020
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Is it possible to know my internet line service ID? In my house exist more additions lines and my new provider probably connect to wrong one and now ask for this ID to take over right internet line.

3 reacties

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Your new provider should contact us to ask for the service ID. They should not ask you to ask for it on their behalve. Chances are I can't find the service ID anymore when you are no longer customer at Telfort, but I can try. Fill out your "Forumprofiel” with your postal code + number, date of birth, last 4 digits of the bankaccount and name of the contract holder. When you're done send a message over here. Then I'll try to get the ID. 

Thank you for reply! Its done. And I still customer of Telfort. So, maybe will be easier to find that information. Thanks again.

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Thanks! I've send you a private message with the service ID.