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  • 10 januari 2018
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Hello, My Dutch isn't great, so I hope you can see assist me in English.

Recently I moved to a new place.
Since I thought I would be able to have my own internet connection, I applied for Telford's Standard Internet.
Unfortunately, the connection of the person living downstairs and ,me, are shared and thus I ended up cancelling her KPN connection that included television.
Since the both of us were on Holliday and/or very busy, we didn't realise this until it was too late and now the KPN connection is gone, and there is also still no Telford internet.

The person living downstairs, has talked with KPN and they are going to reactivate her account.
So I would like to ask if you could cooperate and cancel my contract, without any costs.
I have never received the modem and never had an established connection.

Looking forward to hearing your reaction.

Beste antwoord door Stephen 30 januari 2018, 14:36

Hello Oranda, I understand that the contract is cancelled. If there is anything else I can assist you further with please let me know.
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This is in Dutch, but gives the methodes to cancel your application.!/
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Hello Oranda, welcome to our forum! It is no problem for us to assist you in English. If you send us a copy of the internet subscription from the person living downstairs we will cancell your contract. You can send the copy to the e-mailaddress I send you via private message. Looking forward to your response.
Hi, Stephen,

Thank you for your kind explanation of processing for this situation!
The people who lives in downstairs, she sent her contract to the e-mail address which you told me.
Please kindly let me know the next step.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,
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Hello Oranda, you're welcome. That is correct and I've recieved an e-mail. It was the wrong contract so I requested the right one.

My neighbour sent you the right contract?
I asked to her about this but she is no answer.
Do I have to pay for monthly fee until she send it to you?
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Hello Oranda, she still haven't send me the right contract. I will now look for another possibility to cancel the contract because I can understand it is inconvenient for your neighbour to send us her contract. I will get back to you on this next Monday. I don't expect it will come so far that you will have to pay the subscription fee but if so you will be reimbursed. I will contact you on Monday for an update.
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Hello Oranda, I understand that the contract is cancelled. If there is anything else I can assist you further with please let me know.