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  • 23 oktober 2020
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Hi my internet has suddenly dropped today - it has been unstable the last couple of days. Only the Power and Wireless lights are green, Service light is orange. 


Please help, I can’t work from home with no internet :(

3 reacties

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Hi @LownPhoebe, I'm sorry to hear that your connection suddenly dropped! When you're working from home it's even more unfortunate :disappointed_relieved:

I'd advise you to contact our customer service. You can reach them at the free telephone number 0800-0402. My colleague will check your connection and help you right away to take the fastest steps to fix this. I hope your connection will be fixed very soon.

Hi @Alexandra - Telfort 

Thank you for your swift response, would you not be able to check on your side for the problem, please? I see other moderators have done the same when helping other customers.

I tried calling customer service but could not get through to the relevant line as I do not speak Dutch :(


Thanks for your help, 


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Good morning @LownPhoebe, we try our best to help you as fast and good we can though our forum, but we're not as fast as our customer service. Especially now that Telfort and KPN are merging together. That's why I advised you to contact our customer service for the fastest help with this. It's no problem that you don't speak Dutch :)

I see you were able to reach them, and that you made an appointment with a mechanic for this afternoon. I expect that he's able to fix it right away. Please let me know how everything worked out or if you've got any questions.