Internet suddenly started to disconnect very often

  • 31 augustus 2019
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Since last week or so my internet suddenly started to disconnect very often. The problem occurs on all devices in the house and if I'm watching a movie it stops playing, if I play a game I get disconnected, etc. It is extremely annoying and frustrating. It reconnects back in a couple of minutes, but can continue disconnecting/reconnecting every 10-15 minutes for some time. Then it goes back to normal for a couple of hours, but happens again and again. It was perfectly fine in the past 6 months since I moved in.

I have ExperiaBox 10A. The light becomes red when the internet disconnects, then it starts blinking with blue color, then back to red. It continues switching between stable red and blinking blue until it becomes green in a couple of minutes and the internet is back.

I already tried rebooting, factory resetting the modem, but it didn't help.

6 reacties

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Hi @kakos, welcome to our Forum.

I understand the internet disconnects quite often. I totally understand it's very annoying when you watch a movie of play a game. What I did, I measured your line. I see the disconnects. But where do they come from. The line measures fine till your house. Can you tell me how the modem is connected to the main internet socket in your house? Is it with a round cable no longer than 1,5 meter without a splitter? Have you already tried a new cable?
@Bart - Telfort, thanks for you reply. The modem is connected with a cable that came in with the modem. It's not long, not more than 1,5 meters for sure. It is not round though, more flat? And there is no splitter.

What kind of cable do I need to try?
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Hi @kakos, I'm taking over for Bart. The lenght of the cable you're using is fine. It's best if it is a round phone cable with RJ11 connectors and a maximum of 1,50 meter. Can you try an other cable to see if the commections stabalizes that way?
I'm also curious about the main internet socket itself, what does it look like? Is it possible to look at the connectors inside, do you see any rust or something like that?
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Hi @kakos, I haven't seen a reply from you yet. Have you had the time to check the things I asked in my previous comment?
Hi @Jasper - Telfort I ordered a new cable, I will see if that helps! Thanks. I did notice fewer disconnects lately, hopefully it's not coming back.
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It's better if there are no disconnects of course 🙂 I look forward to your findings with the new cable.