Geen FTU of grondplaat aanwezig

  • 11 juli 2018
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At the moment there are no FTU and base plate present in the house. There is only a fiber optic cable loose from the wall.
I need somebody to come and fix can i make an appointment? what is the number for calling?
please let me know

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2 reacties

Telephone number, and you can speak English on this number:
Bel met 0900 9596 en spreek je vraag in
(Hiervoor betaal je alleen de gebruikelijke belkosten)
Tip! Heb je een technische vraag over Internet, TV of Bellen? Zorg dan dat je op locatie bent als je belt.
Ma t/m vr: 9.00 tot 21.00 uur
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Hi alisaee,

I'm sorry to hear you have no services 😞 I can see in our system that your services will be technically delivered on the 15th of August. From what I can see someone has contacted you to make an appointment, is that correct? If not, please let me know so that I can see as to what I can do for you.