early termination of Telfort internet subscription ?

  • 11 augustus 2016
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Sorry, I missed a msg and my topic was closed so here I am posting again! The forum is in Dutch so it can be a bit confusing :)
I need to terminate my year subscription early because I am moving abroad, how I can invoke this motive to terminate the contract without having to pay for the whole year ?
Thank you very much !
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Its in dutch but maybe you could use google translate or something like that
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Op dit topic kun je niet reageren. Wil je iets toevoegen, start dan een nieuw topic.

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Its in dutch but maybe you could use google translate or something like that
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thanks ! unfortunately I don't know if my flatmate did it... and now they are asking for the whole sum of money 😞
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maybe if she proves that she de-registered, they won't claim the money anymore
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Dear Marine, if you can send us proof that you are de-registered you won't have to pay the remaining amount of your contract.
You can send the document to the following address:

Telfort Internet
Postbus 217 2400 AE
Alphen a/d Rijn

Please attach your customer code or customer number.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently.
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Thank you so much Stephen! I will tell my flatmate, and hopefully things will be fine and Telfort will not claim the money anymore. Please let's keep the topic open, so that I can update you ? 🙂 Many thanks !
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By the way, is it possible to send it by email ?
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because the town hall sends it by email
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Hello Marine, I've just send you the e-mailaddress via private message. Please let me know when you've send the e-mail. 🙂