15 days no internet and no support

  • 9 oktober 2019
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I moved from one apartment to another about 15 days ago but Telfort is unable to send a monteur to get internet working. First one monteur arrived but discovered that something needs to be done at neighbours stairway. Thereafter, new appointment was made but no one showed up. I can every day and Telfort client service can only say that they cannot help and monteur service is separate one and they cannot do anything about it.

Can I escalate this to someone ? no there is no such facility.
Can I terminate my contract and get another provider ? no that is not possible
Can I talk to monteur service ? no they will call you.

This is nightmare especially as my business depends on internet.

5 reacties

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Hi @Reggestraat, welcome to our Forum.

I read you stil haven't any services. That's too bad. I totally understand. The mechanic says there has to be something done at the neighbours. Now you're waiting when that happens.
So what I did, I made a notification to the department Klantrelaties. My colleague will handle this situation and will contact you within a day. Will you let me know? Will you also let me know if the problems is solved?
Hi Bart, received an email yesterday that I should expect a call same day. Still waiting for that promised phone call. Problem still not solved on 16th day.
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I see you still haven't been called yet. My colleague will do that today. Will you let me know? Hopefully it can be fixed soon.
Hi bart, thanks for your help, You made people move !
had support person come over and look at the situation. Now need neighbor's OK to drill a hole through their wall and then will reach out to monteur again.
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Ah nice! Hopefully you will get the ok soon. Will you keep me posted?