Wrong Charge

  • 30 september 2016
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Dear Telfort team,

Good day!

We have encountered a problem with the starting of our internet, first due to the fact that the router has been sent to the wrong address and then because the substitution router was sent to us in the wrong package without the cables.

Therefore, the repairman from Telfort arrived only on 22nd of September and fixed the internet. However, we have been charged from 15th of September even though we did not have internet until the 22nd of September.

Could you please kindly change the bill to 22nd of September, as we actually spent money on the Data and suffered studying without internet with my roommates for a whole month, due to these problems.

I have been using Telfort for the past four years in Rotterdam and never had such problems before, so was quite surprised, as normally the service was always great.

Thank you for your time.

Kinds Regards,


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