• 7 augustus 2013
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Hi, I had a 1 year subscription at Telfort starting May 2012. I left The Netherlands in November 2012 and asked at the Telfort shop how can I stop my contract in May. I was told that the contract will automatically expire if I won't activate it. It is August now and Telfort is still deducting money from my bank account. I would like to get my money back from May and stop the deductions.
Thank you.

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If you don't have any bundles (calling, text message, internet) then the subscription wil expire after 6 months. But this is not a garantee that your subscription will stop. You have to call customer services to cancel your subscription.

It's strange that a person from Telfort told you that information. I find it hard to believe.
You can call this number: +31206976337