I paid money to your account by mistake

  • 9 november 2017
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Hello! I paid money to your account by mistake and received a letter that I should call customer service, which I did. They couldnt help me there and asked me to wite in this forum.
I paid 25euro to your Bankrekening number NL91 INGB0000274250 on the 1st of November from my account.

Please let me know what I can do to get these money back.
Thank you!

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Hi LCDahl, welcome to the Telfort forum. I understand you paid an amount to Telfort by accident and you want this money back. I want to look into this for you. To do so, I need some additional information from you. Can you make a screenshot without any personal details of the payment and post it in this topic and can you send me a -
private message with your personal details? With this information I can ask my colleagues to retrieve the payment. Thank you in advance.