Hoofdaansluiting (ISRA-punt) is missing

  • 19 maart 2016
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I need help with the following problem:

I have recently rented a newly build house and I ordered Telfort Internet (VDSL). When I tried to install the router I could not find the main telephone connection in the house. I spoke today with the house owner and he told me that there is no telephone connection installed in the house yet and I should contact Telfort so that they can take care of this problem. Therefore I am asking here for help. How can I get a Hoofdaansluiting (ISRA-punt) installed in the house?

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During the weekend (sunday) no webcare is reading messages at the forum.
Afterwards it can take 2-3 days till they respond. Best to call "Klantenservice" Monday.
I have called the customer service today and I will be contacted by KPN regarding the installation of the telephone connection.

I have now two questions:

1) How much will the installation of the telephone connection cost?
2) If the landlord does not want to pay the installation cost, can I cancel the contract with Telfort or do I have to pay the installation cost myself? There is a cable TV connection installed in the house which could be used for internet, but this would be more expensive (20 Euro per month more) than Telfort and I don't have a TV anyway.
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A newly build house, it is not your responsibility to have some basic telephone / internet infrastructure connected to the house. A house should be included, as it is normal too for water, electricity and gas. You can call KPN for details to be sure, but I think you don't get a bill for it.
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Hi SimonDelft! Welcome! KPN will take the responsibility for installing the connection point. If the landlord in question does not allow KPN to install it, you are able to cancel the subsctiption for free. Does this answer your questions? :)


Thank you! 🙂